*Digital Creator / Art Director*

Agile hands with creative minds!

Aoki has been in art director position in several video games in SEGA and Nintendo. He is a key contributor to their multimillion sales figure titles, including Mario vs. DonkeyKong series and Sonic the Hedgehog series.

As a game creator, he has a clear vision that good games make people happy. His passion always gears towards making fun and educational software for all ages. He always stays positive, looks for new challenges, and enjoys solving problems to obtain the best result using new technologies. His career of over 27 years in the video game industry, with more than 20 games published for all ages made him naturally to do so.

Developing leadership skill was crucial throughout his 10+ years' experience leading artists for Mario vs Donkey Kong series, and allows him to exhibit strong authoritative traits today. Now his passion leans towards to pass his knowledge to the new generation of people.

Knows how to make games!

Skills can be used!

Job experience / education

Led creative team for major in-game characters

Art directer for the following projects

Team member for the following projects